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💐Fridge Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring Cleaning 

One of our fave times of the year...when the snow melts, the leaves come in and our fridges finally get a full clean out. Here are some tips to get it done in 30 minutes or less.

❶ Take it ALLLLL out. remove everything and put it in piles on the counter so you can go through it all before it comes back in. 

❷ Remove the trays and drawers. Wash with warm soapy water in the sink. Wipe the rest of the fridge down with your fave all purpose spray. Our fave is currently Mrs. Meyers Lavender Everyday Cleaner (extra bonus for being refillable). Tougher stains? Use toothpaste to scrub those out!

❸ Wipe down all your jars & containers that are going back in the fridge. Check expiration dates Combine sauces if you have more than one. Too many berries? Freeze any that won't be eaten before they go bad. Compost the rotten food.

❹ Create 'sections' in your fridge. Use a dry erase marker to write directly on the racks in your fridge. You can simply erase if you want to move the section around.

Staples (eggs, cheese, everyday snacks, etc.)
Meal Prep Containers 
Produce that doesn't get stored in bins
Meat (always store on the bottom shelf)
❺ Start putting it allllllll back in using your new 'sections'. Remember to put what needs to be eaten first in the front of the fridge!
❻ Store your produce to make it last longer! We absolutely love this @weelicious article, 9 Ways to Make your Groceries Stay Fresh Longer. We recommend following those tips to put your produce away. 
 ❼ Staying organized after you've done the big clean is so much easier! Check out some of our best sizes for helping keep your fridge organized: 
Meal Tubs - great for storing prepped & cut meal prep items. Cut up all your produce for the meals for the week and take them out of a Meal Tub to save time when cooking
Wean Bowls - buying in bulk and putting your lunch single servings into Wean Bowls will not only save you money, it'll help you drastically reduce your single-use plastic consumption. 
Lunch Cubes - Lunch prep! Make 5 on a Sunday night and create your own grab & go cafe. We also love this size for produce storage.
Meal Cubes- our #1 leftovers size! 
Kitchen Sets - try our first 8 sizes all in one set so you can decide which sizes you need more of. 

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