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LitterLESS Birthday Party Tips

I LOVE partying, especially when it is to celebrate my amazing littles. BUT I don't love all the trash that can be made at parties! Every year I make it a goal to have an amazing party without creating extra waste. This year I had 11 wonderful weaners over for T's 11th birthday. I helped them make sure that they didn't create a single piece of trash. Here is how we did it: 

    1. Email your invites: or in my case-text because I couldn't get my act together;) 
    2. Explain at the start: Kids LOVE helping save the planet. I just let them all know at the start of the party that we would be having a FUN but LitterLESS party. Not only were they stoked, a few of them even started asking where I got everything so they could do it for their parties too. Win. Win. Win.
    3. Use your regular dinner plates: IF we used plastic or paper plates we would have needed 11 for the appies, 11 for dinner and then another 11 for cake. So 33 we saved 33 plates from hitting the trash can. I have 22 plates in our house. So I often do a quick plate wash in between dinner and cake. 
    4. Create your own fruit & veggie trays: the fruit trays that you purchase at the grocery store are actually more expensive per serving AND come on that icky plastic tray. I bought the fruit & veggies I knew the kids would love and served them in Wean Green so in between activities we could just throw the lid on them. 
    5. Use your regular cups: Same as dinner plates. There is NO reason to throw a cup in the trash or even recycling when you have an entire cupboard of glasses and mugs. I just put them all out and told the kids that if they lost theirs they had to wash a new one lost one haha.
    6. Use glass straws: Can it get anymore glassy? We all know we need to save the turtles so this one requires no explanation. We love our Simply Straws because there is nothing more awesome than supporting another Women Owned local business!
    7. Repurpose what you already have: I didn't go to the store and buy a ton of decorations and serving dishes. I just mix and match what I already own to create a fun environment. If anyone has ever been to my house you know I love holiday decorations BUT I also use them again and again and again. 
    8. Buy in bulk: serving a group requires more food. I buy everything in bulk so I am not creating extra packaging waste. I try to buy food that comes in a large enough package to feed the group. 
    9. Gift in usable wraps: if there is any gift giving going on, request that your guests don't wrap them. Or even better, put out a challenge to wrap them using the gift itself? I often use beach towels or t-shirts to wrap up the gift. 
    10. Loot Bags: we like packing up the things the kids use at the party! So this year they each got a Lunch Cube, Snack Cube, Glass Straw, and treats we made at the party! 

I hope this helps inspire your next LitterLESS Party! 



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