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No Cook Summer Recipes ☀️

You are hot enough...keep your kitchen cool this summer with some of our fave no-cook recipes! 

Vegan Cheesecake Bites

Keep these in the freezer and grab when you need a cool down snack that tastes like heaven. 

Energy Bites

AKA: Mom Carpool Fuel. These energy bites are super easy to make and can help keep you energized when you are on the go or for a quick bite while you figure out your next move. 

Apple Donuts

apple donut recipe

We love this @cleanlittleplates snacktivity! When you need a minute and they need a snack.

Berry Smoothie Bowl 

This breakfast is so good you'll eat it for lunch and dinner too!  

Waffle Boards

Waffle makers won't make ya sweat! Throw on all the extras and make it an entire meal. 

Rice Bowls

rice bowl

Rice cookers are summer royalty. Stock up on all the rice and prep all the meals in one shot. While you are at it, you totally need to try Weelicious' Rice Cooker Mac & Cheese.


Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken salad Sandwich recipe

We used our leftover chicken from the restaurant down the street. You can also batch cook some protein in the middle of the night when it is cooler.

Snack Boards

I have snacks, can you board me? We have made a snack board out of the crumbs in our pantries. Grab snacks and make them fancy. We put a recipe for you if you have no idea where to start.

Sandwich Skewers

Click on this recipe to watch the cutest throwback video...or just grab the recipe. 

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