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Non-Toxic, Trash Free Easter Egg Dye Recipes!

🐣 Ingredients needed ⁠🐣

✔️Distilled Vinegar
✔️White Eggs (hard-boiled)⁠
✔️3 Beets (sliced)⁠
✔️3 tbsp Turmeric powder⁠
✔️3 cups Red Cabbage (sliced)⁠
✔️Black Grapes (just use grape juice, it's easier!)⁠
✔️3 Yellow Onions (skins only)⁠

What makes each color egg?⁠

Pink = Beets
Yellow = Turmeric
Blue = Red Cabbage⁠
Violet/Black = Black Grapes⁠
Brown = Yellow Onion⠀

If you want to get fancy and start mixing liquids you can get some more colors out of these ingredients. Think primary and secondary colors.

Green = Turmeric + Red Cabbage⁠
Purple = Beets + Red Cabbage
Orange = Beets + Tumeric


1️⃣ Slice up the beets and cabbage separately.
2️⃣ Add each ingredient (beets, cabbage, turmeric, grape juice, onion skins) to its own pot.
3️⃣Fill each pot with water until the ingredient is fully covered.
4️⃣ Add 3 tbsp of distilled vinegar to each pot.
5️⃣ Heat to boil. Lower to simmer and leave for 30 min.
6️⃣ Turn off heat.
7️⃣ Hard boil the number of eggs you want to use.
8️⃣ Once eggs have cooled off add them to the mixtures. For best results let them sit overnight.
9️⃣ Be very careful when removing eggs from each mixture. The colors will easily come off when wet, but once dry they are good to go!
🔟 If you are wanting to mix colors, let the first color dry on the egg before dipping it in another color.


🔹 Use smaller pots. We used a 1.5 and 2.5 qt pots

🔹For a bright yellow we hard boiled the eggs in the turmeric mixture instead of in plain water. For the blue we left the already boiled eggs sit in the mixture overnight in the fridge.

🔹 Feel free to double/triple dip the eggs to get more color. Just be sure to let the egg dry fully in between dips.

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