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Quarantine Activity Ideas

We've pulled together 10 fun quarantine activities that can be done with (or without) kids to help us stay positive as we settle into our new realities.

1. Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs: Dye your Easter eggs the natural way, and get excited for the biggest at-home egg hunt ever!! Easter 2020 will definitely be one for the books! 

2. Banana Bread Recipe: Because for some reason, everyone is making banana bread right now. It tastes great, and also soothes the soul! ;)

3. Chocolate Face Mask: Treat yourself to a day at the (at-home) spa! We are huge fans of this homemade mask. It is easy to make, calms the nerves, and smelling like chocolate is a pretty sweet added bonus. 

4. Craft Organization: Now, more than ever, is the time to get yourself organized! We love storing craft supplies in our Wean Green containers. If you're feeling extra crafty, create some new crayons with this fun DIY Colorful Crayon Recipe!

5. Foot Scrub Recipe: Let's be honest... who doesn't need a pedicure right now? This easy foot scrub will help trick your brain into believing you are at the salon! 

6. Watermelon Pizza Recipe: Simply put some toppings out and let the kids have a blast creating their own personal watermelon 'pizza'. This definitely beats throwing another boring snack out of the drawer!

7. Become an Environmentalist: you are never too young to learn about the environment. We LOVE The Lorax - it serves as a great discussion piece to help teach the kiddos about the environment! 

8. Homemade Bubbles: Who doesn't love bubbles? Make your blowers into fun shapes. This will definitely keep the kids happy and busy!! 

9. Pizza Party! Make Pizza Rolls, Pizza Soup & Watermelon Pizza: An entire day dedicated to PIZZA! Need we say more? And don't forget to make extras - the soup and rolls freeze well in our Wean Green containers!

10. Homemade Hand Lotion: Seriously, our skin can't handle another wash or sanitizer spritz. This lotion is super easy to make, and will help heal up those cracked paws! 

We hope these activities add a little excitement to your lives during this unprecedented time. We're all in this together. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy,  and make memories! 

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