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Red, White & Blue Berry Cup Recipe

❤️🤍💙 Happy 4th of July ❤️🤍💙⁠ ⁠

It’s too hot to cook today so we are serving up the easiest red, white & blue berry cups so we are celebrating with these easy cups. 

Red, White & Blue Berry Cup Recipe


🍓⁠ 2 cups Strawberries, sliced⁠

🫐 2 cups Blueberries

🥥 2 cups Coconut Cream



1️⃣ Layer sliced strawberries on the bottom of 12 Wean Bowls

2️⃣ Scoop coconut cream over the strawberries

3️⃣ Add blueberries to the top

4️⃣ These are easy to transport or just serve at the backyard bbq!

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