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Retailer Spotlight: Local Rhoots

Wean Green Retailer Spotlight 

Local Rhoots   

Local Rhoots is a locally owned meal prep delivery service, providing deliciously healthy meals to their community with local ingredients and reusable packaging. The company was founded by Sam Rodgers after realizing she was not proud of the food she was feeding her family in their busy lifestyle. Local Rhoots was born in hopes to share Sam’s passion for food by helping other busy moms like her see the difference that meal prep can make in their lives. By offering a weekly or monthly subscription, Local Rhoots serves over 400 meals a week, helping families focus on quality food, ultimately allowing for quality family time.  

"Think Globally, act locally, impact the world through our community."  

By simply watching the introduction video, it is easy to feel Sam’s infectious passion for helping families eat healthy in their home setting. We appreciate her views on how important it is to feel confident in what you eat, and how you eat it. It is obvious she wishes to positively impact her community by providing the best and most sustainable meal delivery system.

Reusable Packaging Program  

Local Rhoots not only works with local and sustainable producers, but they push their excellence even further by committing to a reusable packaging program. By using heat treated glass (now this is what we’re talking about!) for most of the meals prepped each week, Local Rhoots continuously reuses the same high-quality glass containers. Customers simply swap their last used containers with their next meal upon delivery or pick-up. Each container is then checked for quality-controlled damage, then sanitized and reused. How absolutely genius is this?  

Considering how packaging impacts us globally, glass containers are a great step for meal services to start working towards a sustainable system that benefits both the business, customer and Earth. During the past year, meal delivery services have grown considerably. Unfortunately, most companies use single use containers (oftentimes plastic). Wean Green is proud to be part of the glass food storage used by Local Rhoots each week. Keep it Glassy!


Local Rhoots delivers in Hood River, PDX and Vancouver. Check their website for more information. 


Photo Credit: @localrhoots





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