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Sensory Dough Recipe

Sensory Dough

A fun craft turned into a great sensory game. Play and mold the dough, then add vinegar to watch the dough foam and fizz!


  • 1 cupflour
  • 1/4 cupvegetable oil5-10 dropsfood coloring1/8 cupvinegar


  1. Premix coloring into oil.
  2. Mix together oil and flour.
  3. Use your hands to mix and pinch the flour to distribute the oil and coloring.
  4. Empty into Meal Tub and spread evenly throughout. If you made different colors, put one color on one half and the other color on the other half of the Meal Tub.
  5. Allow weaners to play with the dough – squeeze, pinch, form, & sift.
  6. To make it more exciting, use a teaspoon to disperse little droplets of vinegar onto the dough in a Meal Tub.
  7. Watch the mixture bubble and foam. Allow weaners to play in the new mixture!

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