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Share the Love. Save the Earth.

Giving season is more than a day to Wean Green. We have extended Giving Tuesday so we could give every day in December. 

Did you know that each year in America our trash increases ~25% between Thanksgiving to New Years? A lot of that trash is from single use plastic & plastic packaging. We want to help our friends and families make a positive environmental impact this year by offering them a discount on our reusable, infinitely recyclable containers and donating a portion of sales to highly impactful environmental organizations. 

Our team at Wean Green is endlessly grateful for our amazing customers that have supported our mission to reduce single use plastic packaging. Thank you all so much for the love! Here is how you can help us share the love! 

Gift your friends $5 off. when they redeem your gift Wean Green will donate a portion of their sale to Grades of Green, an organization committed to environmental protection and preservation through classrooms around the world. Learn more about Grades of Green. Sign up below. 

XO, Cheers to a sustainable holiday season! 

Melissa & Wean Green Team

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