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Wean Green Is Making Black Friday Greener

Newport Beach, California (November 20, 2019)  - Wean Green’s commitment to the environment has been extended to the purchasing power of Black Friday shoppers and the amazing small businesses that are graciously opening their doors for consumers the day after Thanksgiving. By offering consumers and retailers a more sustainable solution Wean Green hopes to make Black Friday a little more Green.

Wean Green is encouraging consumers to choose a few select small businesses to support with their Black Friday dollars to help reduce the environmental impact that this momentous day has on the Earth, while also supporting the people and families behind these local retail stores. Every year Black Friday perpetuates consumption oriented society. National Geographic reports that “billions of pounds of plastic are produced every year, and 91 percent of that isn't recycled. Much of it is ending up in the ocean, where it can smother reefs and choke wildlife.”

The environmental concern around Black Friday comes from three select areas including: shipping products from multiple websites to one consumer (often with expedited shipping), plastic packaging that the sale items are packed in and the abundance of items that are purchased that will end up in landfills.

“We encourage our consumers to only purchase what they need. Black Friday sales are great when you are getting reusable, eco-friendly items. We want to support the retailers that make a difference and whose values align with our own. We created a partnership that will allow our consumers to still buy Wean Green at a discount but will decrease the environmental impact of the sale, all while supporting businesses that we love” said Melissa Martin-Gunning, Founder and CEO of Wean Green.

Wean Green is taking action on their own website, through social media and with the help of the small businesses that sell their items. Instead of offering discounts on the Wean Green website the company will be extending the discount to their retailers and encouraging consumers to buy the products that they want all in one store or at the minimum a few select stores. By consolidating purchases into fewer stores consumers are reducing the environmental impact of their transactions.  

For more information, please contact us at or visit the Wean Green website

About Wean Green, Inc.

Wean Green was founded in 2008 by Melissa Martin-Gunning to provide a glass, eco-friendly storage option for the homemade baby food she was making for her weaner. Just like Melissa’s babies, Wean Green grew up and expanded beyond baby food containers and offers glass food storage options in a wide-variety of sizes and lid colours for all members of the family. All Wean Green products are made of durable tempered glass with a silicone-sealed, leak-proof lid and are BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free. Glass is an infinitely recyclable and sustainable material. 

Wean Green retailers that are offering holiday sales will be listing their stores on Wean Green's Facebook Page. 

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