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Snack Cubes - 0.8 cups

Color: Garden


Refuse Single Use Plastic. Use Glass.


Snack Cubes are a perfect 7 ounce square that have enough versatility to pack puffs for your baby and a full serving of fruit for an adult. Pack these up with your favorite trail mixes, granola parfaits, cheese and crackers, veggie serving and more. 


  • tempered glass = super strong glass!
  • prep, freeze, reheat, store and serve all in 1 container
  • freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe
  • snap lock lids to keep food fresher longer
  • no harmful chemicals. No BPA, PVC, Lead, Phthalates
  • endlessly reusable
  • water & air tight
  • can be used for all stages of life
  • glass is endlessly recyclable


  • 4 Pack
  • .8 cups/7 oz./210 ml capacity (filled to top)
  • Each container measures approx. 3.23" L x 3.23" W x 2.24" H
  • Each container weighs approx. 0.44 lbs

Environmental Impact:

Save the oceans, don't contribute to the plastic pollution killing sea life. "By 2050, the world's oceans could contain more plastic than fish measured by weight." (The World Counts)