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Baby Set

Refuse Single Use Plastic. Use Glass.



Baby Sets are the perfect starter pack for babies that are graduating to solids! 3 different shapes & sizes to cover everything from the first puree to baby led weaning snacks. Not just for babies! These three sizes are the perfect portions for snacks, sauces, condiments and so much more making this set perfect for a cradle to table item that can last a lifetime.


  • tempered glass = super strong glass!
  • prep, freeze, reheat, store and serve all in 1 container
  • freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe
  • snap lock lids to keep food fresher longer
  • no harmful chemicals. NoBPA, PVC, Lead, Phthalates
  • endlessly reusable
  • water & air tight
  • glass is endlessly recyclable


  • Set of 6 Tempered Glass Food Containers
  • 2 Wean Cubes, 2 Wean Bowls, and 2 Wean Tubs
  • Set weighs approx 2.65 lbs 

Environmental Impact:

Avoiding 600+ pieces of packaging in landfills for each year you use the containers. "Americanbabies consume an average of 600 jars ofbaby food bythe time theyare a year old" (Chasing Green 2011)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 72 reviews
    Darla Bass

    Love all your products

    Perfect for preschool lunch boxes

    Easy for little hands to manage independently, and at around 1/2cup perfect for preschool portions of yogurt, rice/beans, leftovers etc. Preschoolers can easily open on their own, and close on their own so uneaten food doesnt spill all over the inside of the lunch bag.

    Over priced but love them

    They are great but expensive, love the size for storing small amounts.

    Very Happy With Purchase

    Love these. I don't use them for what they were intended for (baby food) I use them to store small portions of food, because I prefer glass over plastic.

    Very happy and would recommend.

    Sally Forth!
    Great for Me...not a child in sight!

    Nope - I don't have a child! I went looking for some tiny glass jars...and these were the perfect size for left over smidgeons of food. Chopped too much cilantro? Minced too much garlic?...pop it in one, etc. Love the colors,, they are bright and not the same colors as my large food containers so it is easy to see them in the frig.