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Melissa, CEO & Founder

The Wean Green Mama is a Canadian first grade teacher turned California CEO. Melissa & her two daughters moved to the beach so that Chewy could get a little more sun and Wean Green could take over the US. Today through her company, Melissa's enthusiasm is focused on eliminating single use plastic that is often found in lunches at school and work. She works with organizations around the world to help advocate for the curtailment of plastic waste and encourage consumers to purchase sustainable products. She also loves to be in the ocean as a professional continual beginner surfer.

Kristi, Sales & Marketing Director

Wean Green has been a long time fan of Kristi. She is known for a smile that is so genuine it radiates out of her eyes. Kristi has two lovely daughters and lets them live with her & her hubby in Utah (lucky girls). If you ever need an answer quickly or need something organized, please ask Kristi before anyone else on the WG team.

Kelly, Sales Operations

While living in Vietnam for two years, traveling and teaching English, Kelly found a new appreciation for sustainability. After working for nearly a year in the “fast fashion” industry, it became even more apparent how wasteful practices harm our entire planet. She is so excited to be working with a company whose heart and soul is in keeping the earth GREEN and beautiful for everyone! Kelly loves writing music and performs around Southern California in her free time.

Patty, Customer Service Manager

Is there anyone better to take on this Customer Service role than a Canadian, one thing we know for sure, she will be the best apologizer on the team.  She is one of the og team members, having started in Melissa's basement in Canada over 6 years ago. When the 2 weren't working they could be found galavanting around their daughters' dance competitions. Now with the great divide of borders between these besties Patty has reformed and taken up knitting and teaching etiquette classes (haha-just jokes). She is hanging with her super cool children & hubby and holding down the literal fort until Melissa can visit again.

Chelsea, Social Media Manager

Chelsea was recruited to take over Wean Green's social media because she is the coolest gal we know. If you are near Huntington Beach you may run into her surfing, discovering new coffee shops, enjoying the outdoors, cooking new recipes, hanging out with her 2 crazy cats, or capturing photography. She is passionate about the environment and sustainability and we are passionate about her teaching us how to be cool.

Carol, Special Projects

Carol was duped into working with Wean Green when the office relocated to her community in Newport Beach.  She is living the California life and enjoys hanging at the beach watching her fam surf, cooking, reading, traveling and being an incredibly amazing community contributor. As a mama of 3 Carol knows what's good and what to do when the rest of the team behave like children.

Talia, Youngest Weaner

Wean Green gets hundreds of applications a year for Talia's job of being Melissa's youngest daughter. Thankfully she fills the position well and we don't see a need to hire another. Our official taste tester, model, and really overall BOSSS keeps the office in line....when she isn't attending elementary school.

Chewy, Dog

Chewy is a strong part of the Wean Green support team. He ensures everyone that comes for a meeting gets a personal escort to the door. When Chewy is not working he is chasing deer through the office yard and taste testing the garbage.