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Super strong glass containers for your store

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Zero Waste Kitchen Holiday Essentials

"Love the small containers! My husband uses them so often, I had to get another set."

- Marguerite

"Love, love! Can't live without them (store, heat and eat) and excellent customer service."


"I have several different sizes and they help in portion control. They also help with left overs"


"Love these - the tempered glass is strong and durable. The lid clasps also are built well, I have been using for years without any issues. The versatility is great and my fridge and freezer are stacked with these puppies, makes meal planning a breeze."


"These are great containers. I really like that they are glass. It holds enough dressing for a large lunch salad. They clean easily and have not leaked at all. Love these!"


-Arizona Buyer

"Have been using the containers for a long time now and they are the best ever. Always recommend to my friends, buy as gifts and use them daily!
Great for the storing snacks, or for use in the freezer, fridge and microwave."


🖤 Wean Green Glass Containers 🖤

Easy to Open Lids

Perfect for little fingers that need to get to their snacks in a hurry on a short recess.

📸 Snack Cubes

Silicone Seals

The silicone seals keep your food as fresh as the day you made it even longer!

📸 Meal Tubs

Assortment of Sizes

Pack everything from your salad dressings to lasanga with a full line of 10 sizes of containers.

📸 Kitchen Sets