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Corporate Sustainability Program Pillars

Corporate Sustainability Programs can be intimidating so we created a quick guide to help understand what your strategy should consist of. 

Creating the framework for your Corporate Sustainability Program (CSP) starts with identifying how you can integrate the four pillars into your strategy.

A quick reference guide to help define the 4 main pillars and how they relate to your CSP: 

  1. Human Sustainability focuses on anyone directly or indirectly involved in your business. How does your company incorporate this? Think of how your manufacturing decisions affect the global community. Consider how your business values respect the human capital. 
  2. Social Sustainability focuses on maintaining and improving social quality around the globe. What organization can you and your team contribute to you in your communities and beyond? How can your company support equality and protect the environment? Will your decisions build a healthier future for generations to come? 
  3. Economic Sustainability focuses on combining the other pillars and still ensuring that the company efficiently increases profitability over time. Do you examine your business decisions to ensure that they are not causing harm? 
  4. Environmental Sustainability focuses on protecting natural capital. Does your company make decisions to protect the future of our environment? Are you finding ways to lower your eco footprint in the office, manufacturing and travel? 

Once you have looked at your long term sustainability goals its time to break it down into programming that you can attach KPIs! Wean Green has created the Corporate LitterLESS Lunch Program to help lower the impact of packaging trash in your office. It is also important to note that using reusable containers that are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe will also help reduce the amount of food waste! Instead of trashing those leftover fruit trays from the company meeting, putting it in the fridge for the break room will help reduce the company eco-footprint and obtain your sustainability goals. Win-Win.

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