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Retailer Spotlight: Hazel & Fawn

Wean Green Retailer Spotlight:

Hazel & Fawn

Woman-owned and operated, Hazel and Fawn is a baby boutique in the heart of Missoula, Montana. Sitting between various historical buildings, the baby boutique holds much character and history within a tight-knit community. Founded by Katie Albritton, while raising her newborn baby, the boutique offers a welcoming and friendly embrace for moms and dads. The store offers parents information on needed baby gear and the enjoyment of shopping for their little ones. Katie's baby boutique has become THE go-to baby shop in Missoula, having been slowly built by the community's need for better baby gear. 

Katie began by selling carriers online when she realized that friends and neighbors were curious about where she had snagged one of the new Ergobaby carriers 18 years ago for her own newborn. As news spread, Katie's business grew too big to function out of her home, leading to a commercial space located in a century-old, former department store, that Katie had restored to its former glory. Now, working alongside friend and colleague, Jen, the two women are proud to personally know the majority of their customers and find joy in watching the children in their community grow.

Hazel and Fawn is nestled in between Clyde Coffee and Mosaic Oriental Rugs in the historic building on South Higgins Avenue. Above the shops, are beautiful four prism GLASS windows, original to the building and uncovered during the restoration. They were formerly used to help light the building before electricity, by reflecting sunlight to the back of the building.

After a century of sun and pollutant exposure, the glass tiles turned a shade of purple, slowly asking for restoration. With this, Amy Boughton-Engker of Amy Boughton Studios was commissioned to restore the glass above the shops, holding the building and glass's original beauty to its truest form. After six months of careful and precise cleaning, repairing, and rebuilding the glass windows, the result has strengthened the Historic District's architectural integrity. 

At Wean Green, we love Glass for so many reasons and love how glass is a part of Hazel and Fawn’s story and historic building. Glass has added beauty and function to this building since World War II. We applaud Katie and her team’s decision to restore the glass prism windows showing how glass is not only strong in its own form, but is strengthened by the people it surrounds. 

Wean Green believes that glass is #StrongAsYouAre and Hazel and Fawn have shown us just this. 

You can find Wean Green glass storage products as well as many other baby and kid products at Hazel and Fawn, 612 S Higgins, Missoula, MT or at




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