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Retailer Spotlight: Kanga Care

Wean Green Retailer Spotlight:

Kanga Care 

Founded and operated by Julie and Chad, Kanga Care is an environmentally conscious and healthy solution to diapers. Based in Golden, Colorado, their online store works to relieve the environment of disposable diapers while giving parents a solution to leaky, uncomfortable and rash fostering diapers. Kanga Care was born with the birth of Autumn, Julie and Chad's second daughter, a newborn highly sensitive to disposable diapers. Rash after rash, Julie and Chad were soon on the hunt for a diaper that would work for their family. After coming up empty-handed, they began experimenting with their own designs, which led to The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper beginnings. Their first design is the original cloth diaper to contain patented leak protection technology of double inner gussets for leak proof technology, leaving out the possibility for leakage (a.k.a poop explosions) and the nasty chemicals found in disposable diapers.

The parenting duo was now making their daughter's diapers from home and absolutely loving the result, not to mention the lack of rash breakouts. Their at-home success soon led to orders from their community and quickly spread to retail requests. Now sold globally, Kanga Care offers a wide selection of reusable diaper solutions from preemies to potty training kids, in an endless amount of colour and pattern options. Their latest line (our fav), The Ecoposh OBV Collection is made of organic bamboo velour (super soft & stretchy) and  5-7 recycled water bottles each! This line not only benefits the environment, but kick starts your children's understanding of eco-friendly practices.

"The environment Protection Agency reports that about 20 billion disposable diapers are dumped in landfills each year, accounting for more than 3.5 million tons of waste."

Julie and Chad have created an innovative solution that puts less waste in our landfills and fewer chemicals on our babies' sweet bums. Not only was Kanga Care established by two parents looking to give the best to their child, but also to every other diaper-wearing baby out there, all while benefiting the environment. We at Wean Green are passionate about our weaners and are equally as passionate about eco-friendly technologies. We celebrate Kanga Care's mission, as it is one that we strive to be a part of and contribute to as well. 

 Finally, we'd like to congratulate Julie and Chad at Kanga Care for winning the 2021 Cribsie Awardfor best cloth diaper! 

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