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Making Produce Last Longer-Plastic Free!

Less food waste, longer lasting produce and no plastic. Top 3 goals for creating our sustainable produce meal plans for people who can not make it to the produce stand more than once a week. We've done the testing to help you eliminate the need for plastics and food waste! 

Top 5 Produce Storage Tips & the WHY behind them:  

    1. USE GLASS Glass is non-porous, so you won't ingest chemicals often found in the alternatives. These chemicals are known endocrine disrupters and can cause major health issues. Check out our tips below to find out how best to store produce in glass. 
    2. STORE ON THE COUNTER Produce stands are such a great example of how to store produce. Out in the open air, on the counter works great for so many items. We keep a large glass bowl on the counter to store the produce that doesn't need the fridge. Keep the bowl in a cool shaded part of the kitchen. If it is ripening too fast transfer it to the fridge.
    3. REFUSE THE PLASTICS When purchasing or storing your produce use reusable produce bags or grocery bags. The single-use plastic bags often found at the grocery store are difficult to recycle and often contain endocrine disruptive chemicals that can leach into your food. Plastic bags were recommended to keep the right moisture but for items that need this, you can put a reusable bamboo paper towel in the bottom of the glass container and store in the fridge. 
    4. NAKED PRODUCE So many items can be thrown in your crisper with no packaging. Read below to know which items don't need anything special, just a little space in your fridge crisper. 
    5. FREEZE IT If all else fails, freeze it in glass containers (um, we know where you can get a few;)! Frozen produce lasts up to 6 months and is so nice when you are prepping dinner & smoothies to have it ready to go.

Produce Storage


Best Containers for Produce Storage: 

Single Servings: Snack Cubes

With Water: Meal Tubs

With Towel Liner: Meal Cubes

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